50 Ordinary Women doing extraordinary things

50 Ordinary Women (doing Extraordinary Things) is an offshoot of the Go Play Project. Originally I began interviewing women who incorporated some aspect of play into their lives but when I started learning about the amazing things these women were doing in addition to their 9-5 jobs and family obligations, I decided to expand it into a project of its own. My goal is to interview at least one woman from each of the fifty states learn their secrets for their extraordinary lives.

Think of 50 Ordinary Women as a coffee date with the new neighbor. It’s when you’ve gotten past the small-talk and the mom-talk and you start telling each other about your personal dreams and goals. It’s when you go home feeling invigorated and inspired!



Cathy Shefski

Cathy Shefski

My background is in music and education, but I’ve been creating and selling websites for well over a decade. I am currently working with women who are “designing their second act.” Whether it’s starting a business, exploring the creative arts, or sprucing up a resume to re-enter the job market, I can help.

As one of the original mommy-bloggers before blogging was even a word, I ran a preschool education website and networked with many other stay-at-home-moms who were designing websites and online start-ups. In 2002, I started an online piano coaching business, teaching adult piano students as far away as Kuwait and Turkey, answering their questions and keeping them on track via email. I started blogs about street fashion and teaching the 21st century pianist. And I ran a successful piano studio and salon concert series. After a while I turned to writing screenplays which has turned into one of my favorite things to do.

I’m continually inspired by women who are life-long learners, women who stretch themselves to their fullest, women who seem “ordinary” but who are doing “extraordinary” things!

Please email me at catherine.shefski (at) gmail.com if you think you or someone you know should be the next in line for a 50 Women Interview.

Visit me at CatherineShefski.com. Grab a free copy of my mini-course, Understanding Your Organic Evolution, by signing up for my newsletter here.




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